When it comes to pools, there seems to be as many advantages as there are disadvantages.  So, when people ask me about owning a pool, it really comes down to personal preferences.  Here is a small lost of advantages and disadvantages that could help you in deciding whether or not to put one in.


  1. Owning a swimming pool is like being on a permanent vacation
  2. There’s nothing better on a hot day than to go for a swim
  3. It’s a great way to have the family come together and bond (around the pool)
  4. Most kids just love to swim.  The memories created will have a lifelong impact on them and that’s what they will always think of when summer arrives
  5. For some of those who suffer from arthritis or sore joints, the pool offers comfort and helps with rehabilitation of the muscles.  Make sure you consult your doctor to ensure this would be right for you
  6. Swimming is a great workout


  1. Cost is substantial depending on the type of pool you get.  The range is obviously wide depending on if you want an above ground or an inground, heated or not heated, big or small, etc
  2. When you go to resell your home, it may turn buyers away.  Some people in the market to purchase a house don’t want a pool, therefore, they would not pursue your home
  3. The return on your investment is between 5 and 40%, depending on age, size and quality of the pool
  4. Maintenance of the pool could also be a concern.  Keeping track of the water quality, water temperature, skimming depris and general maintenance of the accessories could be both time consuming and costly
  5. What do you do with the pool once it’s past its life expectancy?  You could dig it up, fill it in, if it’s below ground, but all are costly
  6. Children must be supervised at all times.  This means having enough adults present to ensure everyone is safe.