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JD-QWayOn September 10th I attended a council meeting that was held in part for the proposed development of Phase 9 in Simcoe Landing. This was one of potentially many meetings to come regarding the development.

The meeting was broken up in two parts; One was to review the development at the corner of Joe Dales &  The Queensway and the second part was the development of remaining phase 9. It was also broken up into two parts as there are two separate land owners responsible for the development.


Phase9Some of the key items that I noted are as follows:

  • KLM (Oxford Homes) will be building at the corner of Joe Dales Drive & The Queensway South. They
    are proposing 40 dwellings which will consist of 28
    detached and 12 semi-detached.
  • Metrus is proposing 931 units of which 49 will be townhouses and 882 will be detached.
  • There will be no townhouse rows facing each other which should reduce parking issues.
  • Best attempts will be made to have the sidewalks
    on the opposite sides of the townhouses and
    semi-detached homes. This will ensure that each house will have at least three parking spots.
  • Tree conservation; a plan is in place to protect as many trees as possible. Any loss shall be compensated by the developer with the replacement of trees in a location to be determined by the town.
  • The Commercial proposal that was tabled for the corner of Joe Dales Drive is officially closed and will no longer be pursued.


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