1.  There are 2 buyer visits in the purchase agreement – when do they happen?

One of the buyer visits would happen somewhere between the purchase date, and the second would happen just prior to closing.  Also note:  The buyers of your property aren’t expecting it to be in tip-top shape.  They understand that you are moving and that the house will be cluttered.

2.  Who sends the necessary documents to the lawyers and mortgage brokers?

I offer to forward all documentation to the appropriate parties on behalf of my clients.  This way, all of the appropriate documents are sent in a timely fashion.  Anything that I can do to remove the stress off of my client, I am happy to do. 

3.  How long does my “For Sale” sign stay up?

I normally leave the “For Sale” sign up right until the closing date.  However, it is completely up to my client how long they want it to stay up for.  It is absolutely 100% an advertising benefit on my part to have it stay up for as long as possible.