Following these simple steps will reduce the chances of your car becoming the victim of vandalism or theft:

  • Park your car in a place that is well lit.  It might be helpful to install a motion detector security light and point it towards your vehicle…they are very effective and reasonably priced.  Back your car into the driveway, it makes anyone vandalizing your car visible to anyone who drives past.
  •  Avoid parking your vehicle in dark areas or near trees or fences, which provide hiding places for thieves.
  •  If possible, park your vehicle in the garage.  Make sure the garage is locked at night.
  •  When leaving your vehicle, make sure the visible interior is empty.  Lock parcels and other valuables in the trunk.
  •  Never leave your vehicle running and unattended, even with the car locked.
  •  Always shut windows tightly and lock all doors.
  •  Don’t leave a set of keys in the vehicle and don’t mark your keys with personal identification or your vehicle’s licence plate number.
  •  Don’t leave your vehicle registration in the car.
  •  Get to know your neighbours.  If you haven’t met any of the people who live by you, now’s the time to do so.  Frequently, people see suspicious activity taking place but fail to report it.  Reduce the risk of that apathy by being friendly with those who live in your community.  Someone who knows you is far more likely to pick up the phone and call you when they spot someone vandalizing your vehicle.

Make it as hard and time-consuming as possible for a thief to break into or steal your vehicle.  This may not always deter a criminal, but thieves usually pick quick and easy targets.